Clock / Timer / Oxygen Indicator

This unit incorporates the typical functions required in an emergency vehicle. Its touch screen display and control permits to view time, temperature and oxygen pressure at a glance. A built-in timer and stop-watch allows medical personnel to monitor additional parameters.

Clock / Timer / Oxygen / Temperature Indicator Module Description


  • Optically isolated from the rest of the system for maximum reliability
  • Low current required for operation
  • Industrial temperature range (-40°C to + 85°C)
  • Reverse polarity, overvoltage and load dump protection
  • Extensive self-testing before and during operation
  • Ultra low current drain, automatic "sleep mode"
  • Can operate as "stand-alone" unit or as a "node" in a multiplexed system
  • Large design safety factors for reliable operation
  • Simple plug-in connection of all power and control wiring
  • Communications Port: CAN


Oxygen / Pressure Monitoring and Alarm

  • This module receives 0 - 5 VDC from a remote pressure transducer
  • The transducer indication is scaled to display a PSI reading in numeric and bar graph format
  • Low oxygen pressure alarm can be set at 500 PSI or any other customer specified value


Temperature Indicator and Control

  • This module is the operator interface for the HVAC control unit located elsewhere in the vehicle
  • Will display the actual temperature (indoor and outdoor) and set point temperature
  • Permits the selection of:
    • Manual operation (heating/cooling)
    • Semi-automatic operation
    • Fully automatic operation
    • Fan speed control


Clock / Timer functions:

  • Time of day clock format: HH:MM
  • Down timer range: 0 to 90 minutes (adjustable in 30 sec steps)
  • Up timer range: 0 to 99 hours
  • Up and down timers can be run simultaneously
  • Built in buzzer sounds at the end of timing sequence
  • Output provided to activate external alarm (GND activation)

Clock / Timer / Oxygen / Temperature Indicator Detailed View

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