HVAC Control Module

HVAC Module Description

  • Receives temperature information from remote sensors (inside and outside temperatures)
  • Operates AC clutch, Fans, Valves, etc. in accordance to customer's programming
  • Receives set points from single or multiple remote control touch screen panels
    • Temperature set point
    • Fan speed (High, Medium, Low)
    • Mode of operation
      • Automatic / Semi-Automatic
      • Manual


HVAC Detailed View


Download Field Wiring Diagram

Dimensions: L=6.7" W=7.2" H=1.7"

HVAC Control Module Outputs

6 Solid State Outputs

  • Programmable overcurrent protection (20A max)
  • Can be ordered to be active at +12V or Ground
  • All outputs can operate in the ON/OFF mode or PWM when variable output voltages are desired (i.e. variable fan speed control)
  • Can be used to control:
    • Solenoid valves
    • A/C clutch
    • Air fans
    • Miscellaneous equipment

Other Features

  • Voltage, amperage, and oxygen pressure indicator
  • 2 independent adjustable timer outputs to control other circuits (sleep mode, interior lighting, etc.)
  • Time of day clock with an Up/Down counter
  • Multiple touch screen LCD panels can be linked together with the HVAC Control System using the built-in CAN interface. The size, shape, location, color, and functionality of each item in the display can be easily programmed using HVAC control software provided by ECX.
  • The touch panel displays are available in sizes of 7", 5.7", and 3.5" and are provided with a variety of mounting options to suit your needs.


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